How to Use the Overrides Folder

June 3rd, 2020

The overrides folder is empty by default. It can be used to place customized files that override the standard Mango files. The reason to use the overrides folder is so your customizations are not lost when an upgrade of Mango is performed.

Override property files

Copy the /mango/ or /mango/log4j.xml file to /overrides/properties

You need to restart Mango before properties files will be overridden.

Overriding other files

Override the standard Mango logo. The file path for the Mango logo is: /web/images/logo.png you can override this by placing a new logo file in /overrides/web/images/logo.png

You can override any file within the Mango structure by placing a new file with the same name within the same file path in the overrides folder.

For some files in the overrides folder to be used you may need to restart Mango.

Override libraries

Adding extra jar files

You can add extra jar file to be installed directly into the lib folder but these will be lost on an upgrade. If you want a jar file to persist accross upgrades put it in MA_HOME/overrides/lib

Override Web Folder

You can override most any pages in the web folder by placing the new file with the same path into overrides/web.

Overriding Error Pages

The JSP error pages can be overridden with pure HTML files by placing a new file with HTML content into the overrides/web/exception folder. For example to override the 404 Error page one would place a 404.html file into this folder. Check the web/exception folder for all possible error pages.

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